Discussion Questions: Iron Jawed Angels

NAME: _____________________________________________

Directions: Answer the following questions in at least 3 complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper.

  1. What is your reaction to what happened at the parade? Was it a good or bad thing? Explain.

  2. Respond to the quote: “Those in power should be held responsible not only for what they do but for what they do not do.”

  3. What does Alice Paul decide to do when NAWSA leaders basically call her a thief? Why is this important?

  4. Why does Alice go home after what happened to Inez? Why does Alice feel so bad about her death?

  5. Would you have picketed even though the country was at war? Why or why not? Thoroughly explain your position.

  6. Why did Alice Paul go on a hunger strike? Why did the prison respond by bringing her to the mental ward to speak to a doctor?

  7. What does the prison start doing to Alice when her followers join her in the hunger strike? What is your reaction to this?

  8. What happens when the news that force feeding has been going on in the prison gets to the papers and the public? What happens to the suffragettes once the news got out? What is President Wilson’s reaction?

  9. From the Seneca Falls Convention to when the amendment was put in the Constitution, how long did it take for women to get the vote?  Were you surprised by the tactics used by the government to try to silence the suffragettes? Why or why not?

  10. What is your reaction to the movie as a whole? What happened to the arrests of the suffragettes? Is this justice?

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