African American History Month


Resources: Slavery at the Capitol: A Study in Contrasts (for Grades 8-12)





Political Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

Directions: Please carefully examine the political cartoon you’ve been shown and answer the following questions based upon your examination. Please be sure to write in complete sentences.

  1. Who and or what do you see depicted in the cartoon? Try to be as specific as possible in describing the images and people.
  2. What is the message the creator of the cartoon is attempting to get across?
  3. Is the cartoon persuasive in its message? Why or why not?
  4. How does this cartoon reflect the time it was drawn in? Explain what was going on at that time—politically, socially, and/or economically—and then how this cartoon is a reflection of that.
  5. Finally, in regard to the political, social, and/or economic issues this cartoon is attempting to satirically represent, which side of the issue or issues do you think the creator of the cartoon is coming down upon? Why do you believe that?

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