Where Freedom Speaks

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society developed Where Freedom Speaks as an interdisciplinary program designed to inform young people about the history of the United States Capitol and to serve as an introduction to our form of representative government. The kit contains instructional materials for the production of a school pageant to recreate George Washington’s laying of the Capitol’s cornerstone in 1793. A 17 minute video introduces the program and includes scenes from St. Francis de Sales School’s presentation of the pageant. The Production Guide, Program Guide, and script offer detailed information about props, costumes, and stage sets. Included in the package is an audio cassette and sheet music with suggested selections for the program. A Lesson Guide presents a wide range of elementary level instructional activities to help pupils understand the history of the Capitol building, how Congress functions, and the Bill of Rights. The Where Freedom Speaks kit is available for purchase from the Society. Click on the “Ordering Information” button below for more information.

In our effort to provide educational programs about the history of the Capitol building and our form of government, the Society has excerpted several segments of Where Freedom Speaks for instructional purposes. The selections are designed for use in the classroom and to provide a basis for further study.Teachers also should find the material helpful in gaining a better understanding of the Where Freedom Speaks program.

To assist students and teachers with the activities from the Lesson Guide, the necessary passages from the publication We, the People, which is part of the kit, are linked to each exercise. A teacher’s Answer Key is attached at the end of the reading selections.

Program Guide
Production Guide 
Lesson Guide

Answer Key

Acquiring “Where Freedom Speaks” Ordering Info: Individual copies of the program may be acquired by writing the U.S. Capitol Historical Society: 200 Maryland Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002

You may also call: 202-543-8919, or 

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