This production guide contains “how to” information, samples and diagrams to help you produce and promote the pageant Where Freedom Speaks. In this guide you will find:

  • script
  • sample program
  • list of props and costumes
  • diagrams showing how to set the stage and arrange the performers for Acts I and II
  • diagrams of intricate stage props information on how to obtain copyright permission required for some of the play’s musical pieces
  • how to write to your Member of Congress and other elected officials about your performance of the play
  • a news release template to help you promote the play in your community
  • optional ideas to enhance production of the play and classroom instruction associated with the performance

Production activities are mostly targeted to students in Level 3 (grades 6-8). Other grade levels referred to in the production and lesson guides include Level 1 (grades 1-3) and Level 2 (grades 4-5).

Table of Contents

I. Production Elements

  • Production Elements for Acts I and II: An Overview
    • Props, backdrops

II. Props

  • Act I, Scene 1
    • Procession and Reenactment
    • How to create the cornerstone and tripod, props list
  • Act I, Scene 2
    • Capitol Model
  • Act II

III. Costumes

  • Act I, Scene 1
    • George Washington, Grand Master Pro Tempore, Masonic Dignitaries, Narrators, Trumpeter, Procession Participants, Townspeople
  • Act I, Scene 2
    • Two student narrators
  • Act II
    • Student participants, choir

IV. Preparing for the Play

  • Rehearsals, Music and copyright issues, Optional ideas, Community involvement, Program evaluation

V. Samples and Diagrams

  • Stage and prop diagrams
  • Enlarged pictures of the Capitol backdrops
  • Sample copyright permission letter
  • Program sheet music
  • Sample letter to a Member of Congress and other officials
  • Sample news release

Program Guide
Production Guide
Lesson Guide

Answer Key

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