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The We the People Constitution Program introduces online component to enhance civics teaching and learning through the pandemic and beyond

Since 2005, the We the People Constitution Program has engaged thousands of students with an exploration of how the U.S. Constitution is alive in Washington, DC. While our traditional in-person field study is on hold due to the pandemic, the WTP Consortium has put together an online tool to deliver a curated collection of civic education resources that will continue to be updated and expanded for years to come.

Discover free, ready-to-use resources that will deepen your students’ understanding of the three branches of government and more. The We the People Hub:

  • Supports both live and asynchronous learning
  • Offers classroom activities, assignments, and materials for individual study and enrichment
  • Introduces primary source analysis resources
  • Approaches instruction through a variety of pedagogical strategies–there’s something here for every learning style!
  • Offers an Educator Forum where teachers can collaborate, access and exchange lessons, materials and ideas for best practices

The We the People Hub offers free access to high-quality activities, videos, interactives, and primary sources from our member organizations, including the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, the White House Historical Association, the National Archives and Records Administration, President’s Park/White House Visitor Center (National Park Service), and the George Mason Memorial (National Park Service).


In addition to the resources of the hub, teachers in DC public and charter schools may schedule a virtual classroom session with educators at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, the White House Visitor Center, and the George Mason Memorial. Interested in scheduling a live session for your classroom? Scroll down for our contact form.

Live classroom sessions with the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center are available through an existing program. Click for info.

Live classroom sessions with the National Archives are available through an existing program. Click for info.

About our Sponsors:

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If you are a middle-school teacher in a DC public or charter school, We the People educators would love to schedule a live session with your classroom! Please fill out the below contact form, and our scheduler will be in touch with you.

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