Annual Symposium

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society regularly holds conferences at which scholars present the results of their research to a wide public audience. The papers that result are later published to reach libraries and readers unable to attend conferences on Capitol Hill. To date, the Society has held symposia in four series.

Freedom Award

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society created its Freedom Award to recognize and honor individuals and organizations that have advanced greater public understanding and appreciation for freedom as represented by the U.S. Capitol and Congress. The Freedom Award was first presented on September 17, 1993, the eve of the 200th anniversary of the laying of the U.S. Capitol cornerstone by George Washington in 1793. This award, named for the statue that graces the Capitol’s Dome, is presented annually in recognition of the dedication of recipients to freedom, democracy, and representative government.


Weekly in August and at varying intervals throughout the year, including a February event commemorating African American History Month, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society presents lectures and book-signings on topics relating to the Capitol, Congress, or Washington, DC.