Register for our Upcoming Webinar – George Washington’s Final Battle: The Epic Struggle to Build a Capital City and a Nation

On Thursday, Nov. 18, from 12-1 pm ET, join the U.S. Capitol Historical Society as we discuss with historian Robert P. Watson his latest book: “George Washington’s Final Battle.”

Washington is remembered for leading the Continental Army to victory, presiding over the Constitutional Convention, and forging a new nation. But few know his crucial role in creating our capital city and how it nearly tore the nation apart. In “George Washington’s Final Battle,” Watson brings this tale to life, discussing Washington’s backroom deals that built a Romanesque capital larger than London and Paris, the debate over the city’s use of slave labor, the “Room Where it Happens” dinner party that brought the capital to the South, and the symbolism behind the design of the White House and the location of the U.S. Capitol.

For his efforts, Washington created a landmark, and one last time, gave credibility to our fledgling democracy, uniting a fractious country, and creating a sense of American identity.

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