Annotated Constitution Project Completed

The United States Capitol Historical Society is pleased to announce the completion of the Annotated Constitution Project, just in time to celebrate Constitution Day 2017. Several years in the making, the feature now includes new interactive and educational elements focusing on the history of our nation’s governing document.

As you read through the text of the United States Constitution, annotations highlight various passages. Excerpts from the Federalist Papers, which were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to explain and defend the new Constitution, give a sense of the Founding Fathers’ rationale for structuring the government as they did. Brief histories help place the sections of the Constitution into a historical context, Supreme Court cases show the evolution of judicial interpretation, and fun facts can bring the document to life for readers.

At the end of the document, links can take viewers to short biographies of all of the Constitution Signers. From George Washington to Abraham Baldwin, read about the men who framed the government we still use today.

The completion of this project adds another element to the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s already rich Constitutional resources for educators, students, or even just the intellectually curious. A full listing of our resources for Constitution Day, which is September 17, can be found here.