C-SPAN Airs USCHS 2012 Spring Symposium: “Creating an Army to Preserve the Nation”

C-SPAN3 aired the first installment of this year’s conference, which took place on Friday, May 4, 2012, last weekend, July 7-8th. That airing featured: “The Radicals’ War: How the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War Tried to Shape the Course of the War,” presented by Fergus Bordewich, author and historian; and “We are Coming, Father Abraham! But How Will You Pay for Us?” presented by Jenny Bourne of Carleton College. Both of these lectures dealt with the monitoring and financing of the Civil War.

This weekend, C-SPAN3 will be airing the next installment of the conference, which will feature the following:

July 14th at 6pm and 10pm and July 15th at 11am ET:

“A Question of Citizenship: Cincinnati’s Black Brigade,” presented by Nikki Taylor of the University of Cincinatti

“Make Mine an Abolition War: George L. Stearns, Frederick Douglass, and the Black Soldier,” presented by L. Diane Barnes of Youngstown University

Continue to check back for updates to C-SPAN’s schedule as more segments of the symposium continue to air.