Fall Lectures Focus on Capitol Conservation & History

Speakers Showcase Capitol Complex Elements Currently Being Conserved

The Capitol Dome Restoration. Courtesy Architect of the Capitol

Images: Courtesy Architect of the Capitol

During noontime lectures presented by the U. S. Capitol Historical Society, two speakers will detail different aspects of ongoing conservation occurring within the Capitol complex.

Grant Statue. Courtesy Architect of the Capitol

On Wednesday, October 7, the new curator for the Architect of the Capitol, Michele Cohen, will provide an overview of the Grant Memorial, including a discussion of the Grant Memorial competition, its site, the artist who created it, and the current conservation project.

Construction Manager in the Office of the Architect of the Capitol Joseph Abriatis will speak about the restoration of the Capitol Dome on Wednesday, October 28. He will discuss the project’s three phases, the restoration of the cast iron, making new castings and windows, and the paint selection process.

Both events begin at noon and are free and open to the public. Check back here for updated information, including Capitol Hill locations for the talks. Pre-registration is requested.