Latest Special Edition of Capitol Dome Features Articles on Capitol Art and Architecture

The Capitol Dome

The latest special edition of The Capitol Dome is now available online. This issue features three feature articles on Capitol art and architecture. In the lead article, architect and historian Don Alexander Hawkins presents his research on the graphic origins of the Capitol rotunda in the complex history of the original designs submitted by L’Enfant, Hallet, and Thornton. The second article, by Katya Miller,  examines the productive friendship between sculptor Thomas Crawford and politician Senator Charles Sumner that culminated in the Statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome. In the final article, Mark N. Ozer focuses on the artistic depictions in the Capitol of Native American leader Tecumseh to present a brief catalog of 19th-century works  art in the Capitol that depict Native Americans. Members of the Society receive a print copy of the Capitol Dome special editions as a benefit of membership.

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