C-SPAN-3 Airs Owen Lovejoy Lecture from 2012 February Lecture Series

On Sunday, March 4th, C-SPAN-3 will be airing Owen Meulder’s lecture on Owen Lovejoy from our February Lecture Series commemorating African American History Month, which originally took place on February 3, 2012. The lecture will be aired at 9:45am, 8:45pm, and 11:45pm that day, with encore presentations on Saturday, March 10th at 4:45pm and Sunday, March 11th at 3:45am.  The lecture was presented by USCHS in conjunction with the Illinois State Society of Washington, D.C. and the Knox College Alumni Association of Washington, D.C. Please see below for more information on the topic and lecturer.

“Owen Lovejoy: Congressman, Abolitionist, and Underground Railroad Operator”

Owen Lovejoy was an American lawyer, Congregational minister, abolitionist, and Republican congressman from Illinois from 1857 to 1864. He was also a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad. After his brother Elijah Lovejoy was murdered in November 1837 by proslavery forces, Owen became the leader of abolitionists in Illinois.

Owen Muelder was an administrator at Knox College for 36 years, retiring as the Director of Alumni Affairs in the spring of 2004. He was appointed director of the Galesburg Colony Underground Railroad Freedom Station at Knox College in July of 2004. His book, The Underground Railroad in Western Illinois, was released by McFarland Press in January 2008. Muelder’s second book, Theodore Dwight Weld and the American Anti-Slavery Society, was released by McFarland Press in September 2011. Muelder’s articles on 19th-century historical subjects have appeared in scholarly journals and anthologies.