Two March Book Signing Lectures Announced: Kay Collett Goss & Maurine Beasley

A recent biography of Wilbur Mills and a new book on the history of women journalists in Washington, D.C. are the subjects of two March book signing lectures sponsored by the United States Capitol Historical Society.

Kay Collett Goss - Mr. Chairman: The Life and Legacy of Wilbur MillsOn Wednesday, March 7, author Kay Collett Goss will discuss her biography, Mr. Chairman: The Life and Legacy of Wilbur Mills. Congressman Mills, of Arkansas, was the iconic chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means from 1958 to 1974, a period in which he was one of the most powerful legislators in Congress. Former Arkansas Senator, Dale Bumpers, writes that this new study tells “A great Arkansas and national political story, covering not only the remarkable political life of one of Arkansas’ favorite sons, but also his compelling personal and professional lives as well. . . . This book balances [Mills’] accomplishments, without ignoring his troubles. Kay Goss has deftly weighed Mills’ character and shown the complexity that was Wilbur Mills.”

Maurine Beasley / Women of the Washington Press: Politics, Prejudice, and PersistenceOn Wednesday, March 20, Maurine Beasley will discuss her book, Women of the Washington Press: Politics, Prejudice, and Persistence, which chronicles for the first time the discrimination faced by Washington women journalists from the 1830s to the present day. In the face of blatant prejudice and restrictive societal attitudes, these remarkable journalists found ways to make enormous strides, sometimes by creating their own beats. Ironically, women arrived in top jobs only to see the field radically change and face an uncertain future. Although the traditional news field as a whole faces upheavals due to declining revenues coupled with the growth of social media, the stakes and costs for women continue to be particularly high as they wrestle with combining both family life and the heavy demands of new career paths.

Both lectures will be held at noon and are free and open to the public. Space is limited and reservations are recommended.