November 18 Luncheon: Dave Hoppe, Chief of Staff to Speaker Paul Ryan

David Hoppe delivering remarks on November 18, 2016 at the Congressional Staff Lunch.

Dave Hoppe, Chief of Staff to Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), was the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s (USCHS) honored guest at the Congressional Staff event on November 18.

Hoppe joined over 50 members of the USCHS Leadership Council and Constitution Signers for lunch in Altria’s beautiful atrium overlooking the Capitol. Hoppe shared intimate, humorous, and unique anecdotes about his many years working in the Capitol Building. His stories illuminated the special and historic qualities of the building and his great appreciation of what happened before him in those offices and corridors. Hoppe’s candid and thoughtful responses during the Q&A session brought this event to a close.

USCHS wishes to thank Altria for generously hosting and Bank of America for exclusively supporting this event.

Leadership Council Member: Bank of America

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