Olmsted Capitol Grounds Tours in September

The United States Capitol Historical Society is pleased to announce a special series of free tours of the Capitol Grounds which will be given in September as part of WalkingTown DC. The tours, which focus on the role of Frederick Law Olmsted, will be given in partnership with the National Association for Olmsted Parks and Cultural Tourism DC.

Olmsted, the great landscape architect and social reformer, was commissioned by the Congress in 1874 to radically redesign the Capitol Grounds and the result remains largely intact today. His contribution in both landscape and hardscape will be explored within the greater context of Capitol History by guides as part of this event.

The Architect of the Capitol has described the Capitol Grounds as being “as important to the history of the Capitol as the building itself” in a video highlighting Olmsted’s design.

Eight tours over will be offered two weekends. The tours will be free and open to the public, but reservations are required for participation. Please use the links below to RSVP through Cultural Tourism DC:

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Check out some photos from last year’s WalkingTown DC Tours of the Capitol Grounds: