USCHS Co-Sponsoring James A. Garfield Conference

James Garfield (Courtesy Library of Congress)

James A. Garfield (Courtesy Library of Congress)

The U.S. Capitol Historical Society is delighted to co-sponsor the upcoming Garfield Symposium 2015: Garfield in Washington with the Friends of James A. Garfield National Historic Site. The conference will be held November 6 and 7 in Mentor and Kirtland, OH. Learn more at the Friends of James A. Garfield National Historic Site Website or click to LEARN MORE about this gathering for historians, history or Garfield buffs, and teachers as well as a WRITING CONTEST for undergraduate students.

Registrations for the second annual Garfield Symposium are due by October 29.

This year’s theme is “Garfield in Washington;” the conference will examine many facets of the life and times of James A. Garfield during his tenure in Washington from 1863-1881. At the Garfield Symposium, you will have the opportunity to learn about his time in Congress, his rise to the Presidency, and its aftermath, as well as what life was like for the Garfield family in the nation’s capital.