USCHS Honors New Members of the 114th Congress in Statuary Hall

U.S. Capitol Historical Society News

Since 1995, the Board of Trustees of the U. S. Capitol Historical Society biannually has recognized the incoming Congress and, in particular, those Members who are taking their seats for the first time. This year’s tribute to the 114th Congress was held on March 18, 2015 in National Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol. The House and Senate leadership and the presidents of the Freshman Class were honorary co-hosts of the evening.

The event began with a reception where guests of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society joined Members of Congress for hors d’oeuvres and drinks. The Honorable Ron Sarasin, USCHS president, commented, “It is indeed an honor to recognize the accomplishments of the new Members and the talents and wisdom of those who are continuing their service. The commonality and diversity of Congress are what have kept our democracy on track for more than two centuries. Sometimes it is a bumpy ride, but it works–and it’s never dull.”

The program continued with introductions of the distinguished speakers. Representative Virginia Foxx (NC) shared personal words of wisdom for new members as well as thoughtful remarks regarding the importance of diversity in the Congress. Mark Shields, USCHS board member and political commentator for the PBS NewsHour, gave advice to new members based on his many years of experience in Washington. Laughter resonated throughout the room in response to Shields’s humorous words of wisdom on the personal nature of politics. The historic setting in Statuary Hall, the heartfelt remarks, and the feeling of collegiality combined to make this a memorable occasion for all.

The event was generously supported by Altria, the American Society of Civil Engineers, Prudential Financial, and United Technologies.