2008 Leadership Council: Wine Tasting & Reception

On February 7, 2008, the U.S. Capitol Historical Society hosted its first ever wine tasting event for the Leadership Council. We were honored by the presence of Congressmen George Radanovich and Mike Thompson, both from California and co-chairs of the Congressional Wine Caucus, as well as Congressman Norm Dicks and Laurent Guinand, President and CEO of GiraMondo Wine Adventures, the wine expert who led this event.

Guinand guided the attendees through a tasting featuring “The Wines of Independence.” He discussed Jefferson’s efforts to bring wine making to America and his struggles to produce a strong wine in Virginia, and how this contributed to the establishment of the wine industry in the United States. Guinand also covered European wines and the Paris wine tasting of 1976 where Californian wines won in a taste test over European wines. They repeated this feat in 2006, proving the aging power of Californian wines.

This informative and interesting presentation truly delighted those members of the Leadership Council who were in attendance. “The Wines of Independence” featured not just political independence, but economic independence as well. As with so many other things, the Wine Industry clearly highlights the growing pains America has gone through to reach the country we are today.


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