2012 Congressional Leadership Breakfast: Congressman Hal Rogers

On the morning of November 15, 2012, Congressman Hal Rogers (KY-5), Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, joined members of the U.S. Capitol Historical Society’s Brumidi Society, Constitution Signers and Leadership Council membership levels and Society staff for the annual Congressional Leadership Breakfast.  With about 40 people in attendance, the Chairman elucidated on his time in congress, sharing memories of the bipartisanship shown on the House floor while Speaker Tip O’Neill was at the helm.  He discussed how much congressional culture has changed since the use of jet air travel, explaining how spending weekends in their home districts has prevented Members from the forming close, personal bonds they used to.  The Chairman did, however, express hope for a future where the divisions along the aisles are less harsh, and lasting friendships can be made between members serving in the House and the Senate, and between those on Capitol Hill and those in the White House.

The Society would like to thank the American Council of Life Insurers for the generous use of their offices, at 101 Constitution Avenue, NW, with gorgeous views overlooking the Capitol grounds and dome.  We would also like to show our appreciation to Express Scripts and the American Society of Civil Engineers for their support of the Breakfast, and to Lauren Borchard, Director of Historical Programs at the U.S. Capitol Historical Society, for taking a series to lovely photos during the event.

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